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End of Open Beta: No Sleep Edition

A giant lopp glows over the proceedings.

With heavy hearts, we all saw the end of beta last night on our respective servers. Wildstar is now going into it’s final dormant period before it springs back to life in two weeks for the headstart on May 31st, so what better time to celebrate with developer shenanigans? A bunch of us piled onto Mumble in order to watch the ensuing chaos and none of us were left wanting. Granted, a lot of that chaos was at 10 FPS and gave us high repair bills, but I don’t think anyone truly minded.

Thank you to CRB Cougar and CRB Grug for making the Olyssia server’s celebrations full of death, merriment and an employee god-fight or two.

A purple glowing Rowsdowser floats above a crowd of people with a line of code.

This particular command would cause your browser to open and RickRoll you.

A lot of the amusement came from watching the devs spawn monsters and change their shape. Over the course of the night, Cougar was a spirit woman, an Evil Caretaker, several lore characters, a giant Western Lopp, as well as many other notable shapes. Grug spent most of their night as a Rowsdowser of some flavor.

A Protostar representative towers over the masses.

A spirit woman looks over the proceedings, all gathered to her.

Let’s not forget that most of the night was them spawning huge, multitudinous enemies, some more deadly than others.

tentacle crotch


Do you hear them screaming, Clarice? The lamps?

Do you hear them screaming, Clarice? The lamps?

Most deadly of course was the tasteful, if angry decor.

Then of course to round most of the night having low framerates and attempting to rez with level 50 raid bosses standing on top of you, the devs treated us to a final battle or two between themselves. With God Mode not turned off.

CRB Grug vs. CRB Cougar


We also got to attack them later as well.

Finally, at long last the servers went down and all of us scampered off to bed. A lot of good times were had, especially with guildies on Mumble and hilarious commentary from the Twitch stream. All in all, I haven’t been to many events in games like this and it felt unique and worth being awake when I had no right to be (I am paying for it today, I assure you.)

Thanks to Carbine for such a fun night!



Open Beta: Get a Wiggle On


My Spellslinger looks out over the planet.

Today marks Carbine opening up Wildstar to open beta and I must say, I am excited about sinking most of my free time (around things like work or hygiene) into poking at stuff in-game for the foreseeable future. What are my plans for this new beta period, you ask?


Housing is what really captured my interest last weekend (much like my guildmate at Moonshine Mansion) and I’d like to build up more gold in order to start doing less pre-fab additions and more things like creating a loft or a patio around my plot. My FABkits should also be coming down soon so I need to decide what else I want on my land.

Other Classes

I have played a spellslinger every single beta period but I feel like while that is a viable option for a main, that I should really try other classes. Spellslingers have a pretty high learning curve and maybe something else will click with me better than just that. I started a Mordesh medic the other day and I liked the pretty pure caster mechanics that they have, even if the actuator mechanic is a little more goofy than I was looking for. Maybe I will even try out a melee class, for once (no guarantees!)


My love in other games have been being able to fund literally anything I want in-game and the fact that Wildstar has a commodities exchange opens up some ridiculous possibilities for me, including paying for my subscription when the game goes live. I need to see how the auction house in Wildstar works, if I can actually find where it is in Thayd.


My motto is “A.B.E” which is roughly “Always Be Exploring”! Well, okay I lied about that but I need to poke at the terrain a bit more in other zones. This doesn’t necessarily denote that I want to level higher than what I already am, as I don’t want to burn myself out before the game even goes live. But if you’re a proper explorer, you don’t necessarily need to be level-appropriate anyways.

Those are my plans for open beta, what are yours? Leave a comment and tell me.