Mapjabbit Run

Exploring the Spaces Between Wildstar and Feminism

Comment Policy

The blog is as much of a SAFE SPACE as I can muster. This means that in order for people to feel comfortable commenting here, I do not allow:

  • Hate language – this includes -ist slurs and general disrespect using some essential part of a person’s character.
  • Casual use of the word rape, or jokes about the subject.
  • Trolling, flaming, harassment, stalking or otherwise causing another person to feel unsafe.
  • Drive-by dickishness.

This is a blog that is run by a feminist and is considered a gaming nerd/feminist friendly place. If you are unaware of basic social justice concepts such as sexism, racism, ableism and homo/transphobia, as well as “Privilege”, you might want to peruse Google before coming to the comment box. Some good reading on feminist concepts includes:

Understanding (especially if you are male-identified) that some of my views, as well as other commenters, might be coming from a different space socially than you can go a long way. Derailing someone’s argument about something that affects them personally is not seen as polite, same with demanding education from someone who is different than you.  (A sarcastic list of what NOT to do in an Internet argument.)

Overall, people who wish to comment here should respect the blog, respect other people commenting and try to come to the table with an open mind. There’s always things to be learned and shared.

I am under no obligation to publish any comments that I feel violate these policies or create a bad environment for readers.


One thought on “Comment Policy

  1. This was impressive to read. Would not expect to find such a clear statement on a gaming blog. I’ll definitely be reading this blog. I work with kids and your rules got me thinking about a piece we use in our staff training. We didn’t write it, we adapted it from something a school teacher had hanging on the wall. It’s very kid-centric but wanted to share it anyway.

    In a safe place people are kind.
    Sarcasm, fighting and name calling are the exceptions
    rather that the rule.
    Kindness and forgiveness are the usual way of life.
    In a safe place there is laughter. Not just the canned
    laughter of television, but real laughter of sharing
    meaningful work and play.
    In a safe place there are rules. The rules are few and fair.
    They are made by the people who live there.
    In a safe place people listen to each other. They care and
    show they do with words and with body language.
    This camp is a safe place.

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